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Apprentice, Foundation, Youth and other Non-Apprentice intake schedules starting out to March 31, 2018 are shown. Please use the schedules' mail icon to contact the institution directly about registration information, note that dates and other information are subject to change. We expect new schedules to be released in September 2017 but do not yet have a release date.

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Metal Forming, Shaping & Welding

Metal Forming, Shaping & Welding

Trades in this sector involve making and repairing metal parts used in the construction of buildings, bridges, tanks, towers, boilers, pressure-vessels and other structures and products. Workers lay out, cut and fabricate structural steel, plate and miscellaneous ferrous and non-ferrous metals for use in a wide variety of manufacturing and construction industries. They also assemble and fit metal sections and plates together to form complete units or sub-units such as frames, plates, girders and chutes that are used later in the assembly process. Some of these workers are employed in structural steel, boiler and plate-work fabrication plants. Others are employed by heavy machinery manufacturing companies and enterprises that build and repair ships.