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Apprentice, Foundation, Youth and other Non-Apprentice intake schedules starting out to March 31, 2019 are shown. New schedules have just been released for intakes starting between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019. Note, these intakes are subject to change and additional intakes are yet to be added so some Trades are not yet complete. Please use the schedules' mail icon to contact the institution directly about registration information.

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Personal Service

Personal Service

Workers in this group perform hair, facial and body treatments to improve an individual's physical appearance. They may work in beauty salons, electrolysis studios, scalp treatment and hair replacement clinics, or cosmetic departments of retail establishments such as pharmacies and department stores, and other similar establishments.

Program Name Apprentice Foundation Youth Vocational Refresher Red Seal
Esthetics Go
Hairstylist Go Go Go Challenge Exam Available Red Seal Designated