Transport Trailer Technician

Transport Trailer Technicians (AKA "Commercial Trailer Mechanics") maintain, rebuild, overhaul, recondition, and perform diagnostic trouble shooting and repairs on commercial truck trailers.

This trade shares a common Level 1 training with other Heavy Equipment Service trades, and thus, may be referred to as “Heavy Mechanical Trades” in our schedules. Refer to this trade’s ‘Program Profile’ via SkilledTradesBC for specific details.

Transport Trailer Technician is a nationally designated trade under the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program.


The following education is recommended: Grade 10 equivalent (Grade 12 preferred), including English 10, Math 10, and Science 10.


The Apprenticeship Program comprises Levels 1-to-2 of progressive technical training, with Level 1 taking 10 weeks (300 hours) and Level 2 taking 4 weeks (120 hours) to complete. In addition, apprentices are required to accumulate 3,000 hours of work-based training.


A Heavy Mechanical Foundation program can jump-start your career without employer sponsorship by supplying the knowledge and skills to enter directly at Level 2, after 36 weeks of training.







Coast Mountain College


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