Aircraft Avionics Technician

Aircraft Avionics Technicians service, repair and modify an aircraft's electronic systems and components. They ensure that navigation, communication, radar, and other electronic and computer instruments and controls comply with standard operating procedures.

Today's aircraft can be quite sophisticated with "fly by wire" flight controls, satellite navigation and communication, in-flight entertainment, and automatic flight, as well as communication and monitoring systems. From modern aircraft to legacy aircraft undergoing the installation of modern avionics, the Avionics Technician ensures that all systems are serviceable and fit for flight.


English 12 or Communications 12, or 3 credits of post-secondary English, Humanities or Social Sciences, and Math 11.

Aircraft Avionics Technicians must posses attention to detail, good visualization skills and good colour vision. An interest in electronics, computers and mechanics is recommended.

The program consists of 68 weeks of full-time studies. About 50% of the day is spent on theoretical discussions in a classroom setting, followed by hands-on practical training in shops and an aircraft hangar.








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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Category 'E' (Electronics)

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