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Aircraft Gas Turbine Technician

Aircraft Gas Turbine Technician

Aircraft Gas Turbine (Jet Engine) Technicians are responsible for inspecting and repairing engines in accordance with exact aviation standards and regulation.  It is a challenging occupation requiring a high degree of responsibility and skill, including: repairing, overhauling, and rebuilding gas turbine engines; balancing engine components and assemblies; testing and troubleshooting; inspecting engine components and assemblies.

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Quick Facts

  • Requirements:

    English 12 or Communications 12, or 3 credits of post-secondary English, Humanities or Social Sciences. Math 11 is recommended.


    Aircraft Gas Turbine Technicians require good manual dexterity and mechanical reasoning, plus good colour vision. A background in General or Automotive Mechanics is recommended.


    The program consists of 38 weeks of full-time studies.  About 40% of the day is spent on theory in a classroom, followed by hands-on practical training in shops and an aircraft hangar.


    Note that this is not an Apprenticeship trade; to explore the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship, refer to Additional Information.

  • Additional Information: