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Motorcycle and Power Equipment Technician

Motorcycle and Power Equipment Technician

This program was modified April 1, 2012, and now includes additional competencies to cover Power Equipment. Motorcycle and Power Equipment Technicians work on motorcycles and other vehicles such as motor scooters and all-terrain vehicles. They assemble, diagnose, maintain and repair engines, transmissions, drive systems, steering assemblies, braking systems, chassis and suspension, electrical systems, and fuel and exhaust systems. They may specialize in repairing, rebuilding, customizing or servicing these systems or assemblies. Motorcycle and Power Equipment Technicians work with hand, power, pneumatic and measuring tools, shop equipment, and diagnostic and testing tools. Reference materials, documentation and computers are also important tools in this trade.

A Motorcycle and Power Equipment Technician is designated as a Motorcycle Mechanic under the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program.

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Quick Facts

  • Requirements:

    The following education is recommended: Grade 10 or equivalent (Grade 12 is preferred), including English 10, Math 10, Science 10.


    The Apprenticeship Program comprises Levels 1-to-4 of progressive technical training, with each Level taking 4-5 weeks (120-150 hours) to complete. In addition, apprentices are required to accumulate 6,720 hours of work-based training.


    A Foundation Program can jump-start your career without employer sponsorship by supplying the knowledge and skills to enter directly at Level 2, after 20 weeks of training (refer to Industry Training Authority for pathways into the occupation).

  • Additional Information: