Recreation Vehicle Service Technician

Note: This trade is transitioning to a Pan-Canadian Harmonized program, so it is important that Apprentices understand how that impacts their program path. Details on the transition can be found via SkilledTradesBC, or contact your trainer for the most current updates.

Recreation Vehicle (RV) Service Technicians repair, maintain, overhaul or modify live-in RVs that are designed for travel. They also install and repair: interior components such as appliances, furnaces, refrigerators, water heaters, ranges and air conditioners; exterior components such as siding, windows, doors, vents, plumbing systems, electrical systems, awnings, propane gas systems, batteries and charging systems, trailer braking systems, TV antennas, light plants and hitches. RV Service Technicians also perform pre-delivery inspections on motorhomes, holiday trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, truck campers and tent trailers and are involved in fibreglass/body repairs, pin-striping and painting. Generally, RV Service Technicians do not repair motor or drive-train components on motor homes.

Recreation Vehicle Service Technician is a nationally designated trade under the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program.


The following education is recommended: Grade 10 equivalent (Grade 12 preferred), including English 10, Math 10, Science 10.


The Apprenticeship Program comprises Levels 1-to-3 of progressive technical training, with each Level taking 8 weeks (240 hours) to complete. In addition, apprentices are required to accumulate 4,640 hours of work-based training.


A Foundation Program can jump-start your career without employer sponsorship by supplying the knowledge and skills to enter directly at Level 2, after 28 weeks of training (refer to SkilledTradesBC for alternative paths into the occupation).







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RV Technician

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