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Gasfitter - Class B

Gasfitter - Class B

Gas Fitters install, test, maintain, assemble, construct, operate, alter and repair gas-regulated products, such as appliances, supply lines, equipment and accessories for use in residential and commercial premises. Fuels may include natural gas, manufactured gas, liquefied petroleum gas, digester gas, landfill gas, biogas or a mixture or dilution of any of these gases and Hydrogen. Limitations are dependent upon a classification level of 'B' or 'A'.

Class 'B' Gas Fitters (formerly known as “Domestic/Commercial”) may perform the installation or alteration of gas appliances and systems with an input limitation up to and including 120 kW (equivalent to 400,000 British Thermal Units).

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Quick Facts

  • Requirements:

    The following education is recommended: Grade 10 (Grade 12 preferred), including English 10, Math 10, and Science 10.


    In BC, all Gas Fitters must hold a Class 'A' or Class 'B' Gas Fitter licence issued by Technical Safety BC (


    The Apprenticeship Program comprises Levels 1 and 2 of progressive technical training, with each Level taking 10 weeks (300 hours) to complete. In addition, apprentices are required to accumulate 3,000 hours of work-based training.

  • Additional Information: