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Apprentice, Foundation, Youth and other Non-Apprentice intake schedules starting out to March 31, 2020 are shown. New schedules have just been released for intakes starting between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020. Note, these intakes are subject to change and additional intakes are yet to be added to some Trades. Please use the schedules' mail icon to contact the institution directly about registration information.

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Youth Explore Trade Sampler

Trades Exploration

This program lets you explore multiple trades in greater depth. Over 300 hours, you’ll gain practical skills and can even complete certifications that trades employers are looking for. The Youth Explore Trades Sampler is a great way to prepare for apprenticeship programs such as Youth Train in Trades or Youth Work in Trades.

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Quick Facts

  • Requirements:

    Targeted to students in Grades 10 - 12, this new program is one of a few paths that youth in BC have to explore and gain both practical training and work experience in the trades. Please contact your local Career Counsellor or visit the Industry Training Authority via the ‘Additional Information’ link.

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