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Aquaculture Technician Certificate


The 4-month Aquaculture Technician Certificate program at North Island College (NIC) provides students with essential skills to support aquatic food production for marine, freshwater and land-based systems. This industry-informed training program prepares students to work as farm or hatchery technicians, maintenance, harvest and new cleaning crew positions, or as deckhands on harvest vessels, wellboats, feeding and site-maintenance vessels.

Successful graduates will qualify for many entry-level positions at aquaculture facilities, as their skills are applicable to operations in not only in coastal BC, but also nationally and internationally.

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Quick Facts

  • Requirements:

    High-School Graduation or ‘C’ in English/Literary 10 or equivalent, and ‘C’ in Math 11 or equivalent (refer to the Additional Information link below to learn all of the program requirements).


    Students are required to hold current, valid industry certificates in the following:

    - Occupational First Aid

    - Marine Basic First Aid

    - WHMIS

    - Small Vessel Operator Proficiency Training

    - Small Non-Pleasure Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (SDV-BS)

    - Restricted Operator’s Certificate - Maritime

    - Forklift Operator

    - Transportation of Dangerous Goods

    - Confined Space Pre-entry


    The Industry Training Authority link on this page has been re-directed to the program page at NIC.

  • Additional Information: