Aircraft Structural Technician

An Aircraft Structural Technician fabricates aircraft parts and components to drawing specifications. They then install completed components in aircraft and inspect and verify the operation of those components using test and measuring equipment as required. They may rework and/or replace components that are damaged or malfunctioning.

Specifically, an Aircraft Structural Technician selects, measures, shears, cuts, bends, forms, heat treats, seals, fits, inspects, paints and refinishes during fabrication. They may drill, countersink, dimple, ream and tap holes for bolting, or install screws, rivets and special fasteners. In addition, the Technician assembles parts and components and sub-assemblies, using special jigs and fixtures.


The following education is recommended: Grade 12 or equivalent, including Math 12; English 12; Science 12.


The program follows a national set of standards and is approved by Transport Canada.  Upon completion of the required total work experience and successful completion of a regulatory exam, you will qualify for a Transport Canada AME "S" Licence.


NOTE: Effective March 31, 2012, SkilledTradesBC suspended a Certificate of Qualification for this program. This credential is suspended during review and re-structuring.







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Campbell River

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Aircraft Structural Technician - AME-S

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