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Plant Operator

Plant Operator

A Plant Operator supervises the operation of an industrial plant. Examples are: manufacturing plants, production plants, processing plants, power plants, gas plants, oil fields, smelters, mines, mills, refineries, arenas, recreational complexes, and other industrial facilities.

A Plant Operator's duties are to operate, monitor and troubleshoot control equipment and processing units found in these industrial settings.

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Quick Facts

  • Requirements:

    Recommended education: Chemistry 11, Physics 11, Principles of Math 11 and 12, and English 12.

    This specialized 24-week program offered at Selkirk College prepares students for entry-level positions as plant operators. Students learn about industrial plant functionality and gain a critical understanding of plant systems, process fundamentals, and plant operations.

    The Industry Training Authority link on this page has been re-directed to the program page at Selkirk College.

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