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Gasfitter - Class A

Gasfitter - Class A

Gas Fitters install, test, maintain, assemble, construct, operate, alter and repair propane and natural-gas regulated products, such as appliances, supply lines, equipment and accessories for use in residential and commercial premises. Limitations are dependent upon a classification level of 'B' or 'A'.

Class 'A' Gas Fitters may perform the installation or alteration of any gas system without input limitation (except vehicle fuel systems under the appropriate permit).

Gas Fitter - Class 'A' is a nationally designated trade under the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program.

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Quick Facts

  • Requirements:

    In BC, all Gas Fitters must hold a Class 'A' or Class 'B' Gas Fitter licence issued by Technical Safety BC (


    An applicant for a Class 'A' Gas Fitter Certificate of Qualification must have held a Class 'B' Certificate of Qualification for a minimum of two years.


    The Apprenticeship Program involves 8 weeks (240 hours) of technical training. In addition, apprentices are required to accumulate 3,600 hours of work-based training.

  • Additional Information: