Aviation Management and Operations

The Diploma program in Airport Operations at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), supported and approved by the aviation industry, provides students with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program of study. Course work includes lectures, demonstrations, and applied training. Students will be assigned industry-based activities that will be completed at local and/or regional and national airports. To maintain a current, high-calibre standard, this program --which is the only one of its type in Western Canada-- has an industry Advisory Committee made up of airport and airline managers, airport field staff from Canada's local regional and national airports, and Transport Canada representatives.  There is also an Associate Certificate in Airport Operations that is currently under review and this was also the older name for the full-time program.

Note, new intakes will be shown soon for this program (Fall 2022).


Math 11, plus two years of education in English with one of the following:

1) English 12;
2) Communications 12;
3) three credits of post-secondary English, Humanities or Social Sciences.

Graduates of the program are well prepared for careers in aviation management, wildlife control, airline and airport operations, airport and safety, security and emergency management.








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Aviation Management and Operations

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