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Marine Sciences

Marine Sciences

The Nautical Sciences Diploma is a 4-year co-operative education program at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) for students entering the merchant marine as trainee deck officers.

Nautical Sciences Cadets are trained seafarers capable of using technological and navigational equipment on a wide range of ships, from large passenger cruise ships to cargo vessels. Cadets receive instruction and training based on seamanship and traditional maritime skills in areas such as:

  • Officer of the watch training
  • Marine communications and navigation
  • Rescue, safety and environmental response
  • Security threat response and vigilance
  • Safe carriage of goods

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Quick Facts

  • Requirements:

    Trainees will be given assistance to find suitable employment throughout the program to obtain a Certificate of Competency, after which they have a good chance of being employed as navigation officers on merchant ships worldwide.


    Graduates from the program will be awarded a Diploma from BCIT. Canadian citizens and Canadian landed immigrants will also, upon completion of all prerequisites, receive a Certificate of Competency issued by Transport Canada.


    The Industry Training Authority link on this page has been re-directed to the program page at BCIT.

  • Additional Information: