Coastal Forest Worker Certificate

The Coastal Forest Worker certificate at North Island College (NIC) encompasses a wide range of forestry theory and applied learning to prepare students for a career in the coastal forest sector and for further advanced education.

This comprehensive program will provide a foundation in silviculture, harvesting, occupational safety, surveying, timber cruising, grading, scaling and overall resource management.

Through this certificate, students will gain a theoretical understanding and applied skills needed for entry-level employment in the forest sector, including forest resource management and forest sector roles and practices, forest ecology and tree/wildlife identification, plus coastal harvesting systems, including safe work practices, log handling and sorting and business operations.

Also included are worksite readiness skills, including conflict resolution, career development, communication, team work, and computer literacy, plus practical application of skills and knowledge in the work setting, including opportunity to work alongside forestry workers in the field.


‘C’ in English/Literary 10 or equivalent, or ‘C+’ in Communications 12 or one of NIC’s ESL programs, and ‘C’ in Math 11 or equivalent (refer to the PROGRAM link in the schedule below to learn all of the requirements).


Students are required to hold current, valid industry certificates in the following:

- First Aid

- Transportation Endorsement


- Fire Suppression & Safety

- Wildfire Entrapment Avoidance

- Fall Protection







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Coastal Forest Worker Certificate

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