Refrigeration Plant Operator

The Refrigeration Plant Operator certificate is a comprehensive ten-unit course approved by Technical Safety BC and taught entirely through distance education and online learning (approximately seven months in length).

Major skills learned are providing and maintaining important technical processes in buildings and industrial plants, including:

  • Site administration;
  • Chlorinated hydrocarbon environmental impacts;
  • Cycle controls, metering devices and accessories;
  • Heat exchangers and cooling towers;
  • Refrigeration thermodynamics;
  • WHIMIS and plant safety and fire protection.


This is a specialized home-study program offered at Selkirk College. Phone tutorials for seven months and all materials are included.


Students have 7 months from the time of registration to complete the online course. There is approximately 120 hours of course work to complete the course including a practical lab and required exams. If necessary, a two month extension can be granted for an additional charge.


This course is one of the requirements needed to challenge the Refrigeration operator's certificate of qualification. Technical Safety BC's Refrigeration Operator examination is set forth by the Standardization of Power Engineers Examination Committee of Canada (SOPEEC).







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Refrigeration Plant Operator

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